'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 23 September 2008

No Tuesday trip this week

After last week's gadding about we are having a quiet week to regain our strength before a spot of child minding next week.

I did go on one of the ‘Embroidery Now’/RSN course in Winchester at the weekend – ‘Goldwork Lettering’ with Flo Collingwood. It was a lovely day, both in content and in weather –
for the first time since I started going to these nearly a year ago we could actually sit in the garden to have our lunch.

This is my effort – I am not to happy with the lazy daisies so they will have to come out, but I think I may actual finish this one!

I have also been playing with my new book – having made a black & white book, this is a black and white vessel book – still working on the Tamsin van Essen theme. So far it is mostly paper but I do have lots of ideas for stitch. The book will not lie flat, even with the help of a ruler, which is why some of these photos are even odder than usual.

I think I blogged about this fabric very early on in my blogging career. It was printed with bubble wrap. I think it needs more stitch but I haven't decided what.

OK - black, white and gold. I can't draw - but I can doodle. Sort of. Although it looks like fabric it is hand made paper [bought, not made by me].

This is straight, really, honest. The pages of the book were not strong enough to cut big holes in so I decided to stick two pages together. And then I decided to put cellophane between them. Printed cellophane from Nid-noi.

This in inlaid felt, which looked a bit bare until I added the beads. It has a companion, black on white, which I scorched while pressing it. I was going to bin it but then I thought that van Essen's pots are not perfect, which is part of their message - and their appeal. So it has gone in the book - but not on the blog!

OK. Black, white, gold and red. Cut from a magazine photo.

And some late breaking news - just discovered on the V&A website:

design your own textile. Have fun.

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