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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 3 November 2011

What a difference a day made.

At 2 a.m. on Wednesday I was convinced that my college work had wandered off up yet another dead end – I didn'tTop-1.BMP know where it was going, didn’t think it was saying anything, and I was missing stitch – to the extent that I got up and worked some blackwork samples inspired by security envelopes.

But I took some photos of the tube-y things I’ve made so far into college and begged for a tutorial.

Amazing what a difference someone's positive reaction makes!

Suddenly everything seemed much better than I thought it was:

  • it’s not just doing the same thing over again, it’s ‘working in a series’
  • POT was ‘ a very strong idea’ and I should consider doing something similar with e-mails
  • the photos I’d taken of the other pieces outside were very good and I should put them all outside and photograph the changes over time – this was before I’d mentioned thimageat T&T were living outside
  • I should use some of the photos, enlarged up to A2 [!!!] as part of the degree show.


  • all the other suspended tube pieces have gone outside permanently and been photographed for posterity.
  • POT has also been photographed, for the sake of consistency




  • and I have started a new piece – hereinafter known as ‘Love and Friendship’ [LAF]. I abandoned the idea of using all my e-mails – or even all the spam e-mails – there are just too many of them – and decided to use just selected ones in white [you can guess which from the image] – plus e-mails from friends and family in green.


Mmm – perhaps I need more friends?

I was very tempted to call it ‘Love and Freindship’ [especially as it was an epistolary novel] but decided that trying to show off would just lead to most people thinking I didn't know how to spell.

I have plans for 2-3 more in the outdoor series – and then I'm done up till Christmas  – apart from the paperwork, the contextualisation, the work book, and the PMS.

But I still like the blue blackwork security envelope patterns…

1 comment:

Sandy said...

okay, would it be acceptable to do blackwork stitch directly onto some envelopes before you turn them into paper spills?

just thinking.

I do think the photos outside are really great. Not being rude or anything, but probably seeing the actual thing will be less impressive unless you can create an environment for them.
Ooh, better stop before you slap me for giving you more work!
keep going!