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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 25 July 2008

A short post

I made some more books today – still feeling uncreative so following other people’s instructions, from here:


and here:


The accordion in a matchbox was very easy to make and would be fun if you have children to amuse – and enough matchboxes. Getting them to draw or write in the books might extend your period of peace and quiet …

The covers of the chopstick books are made from an old calendar – the paper wasn’t thick enough on its own so I stuck two pages together which made both sides of the covers interesting.

The tutorial suggests cutting grooves into the chopstick with a utility knife but I found it was easier to put it between the blades of an [old!] pair of scissors and rotate the chopstick.

For some reason we had a ream of this rather bright paper so, as the printing on the chopsticks was green, I decided to use some of it up for the pages.

There won’t be much creative stuff over the next couple of days as Babybel is coming to see us –and her mum, dad and dog as well, of course. [Custard will act affronted at the arrival of a dog and then eat his food while he eats hers.]

Babybel is crawling and pulling herself up so there will have to be a clearing up and raising of things out of reach before they arrive – and constant vigilance while they are here. I expect to be exhausted by Sunday evening …

We may also have a small celebration tomorrow night as it is our wedding anniversary - Wensleydale has been putting up with my funny little ways for 37 years now.

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Carol said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary and many more!