'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 5 April 2008

All can be revealed

now that I have delivered all the birthday presents, including a last minute one.

Both my daughters-in-law have birthdays in March. I made each of them a notebook, using techniques I learned in a workshop with Brenda Weekes.


DIL #1 likes purple and DIL #2 likes turquoise and as I like those colours too I had plenty of fabric and fibres to choose from. The notebooks are half A5 size [about a quarter of the size of printer paper, for those in the US].

Then I made an extra last minute present for Charlotte’s mum, using the Jacob’s Ladder book I made recently. [sorry about the reflection of the flash.]I put in some photos [plenty of room for more] and made a slip case. Well – actually I made 3 slip cases – the first two were too small, despite careful measuring, allowing a bit for ease and making a paper model first. The third is, of course, too big, [hence the ribbon tie], possibly because it is in flimsier card – I was getting desperate by then! If it doesn’t hold up to use I will make another and hope I can get it right.

As slip cases are [when measured correctly!] quite easy to make I decided to make a slip case for the magnum opus, [I got back it from the teacher on Thursday night with some very positive comments,] The MO is so unruly I think it needs a case to control it, although I will have to find a large piece of very strong cardboard for it.

I said I wouldn't post any more pictures of the cherry tree - but this one is a bit different.

and here is the metre piece this morning.

I know this won't look like 'heavy' snow to many of you - but it is a lot for round here - and it seems to be thawing already.

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