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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 9 April 2008

The Tuesday trip

This week’s trip was to Highcliffe Castle [which coincidentally has also appeared on TV - the Antiques Roadshow this time].


I love Highcliffe - it has survived some hard times and what remains is little more than the shell of the building, but it has a wonderful atmosphere and provides an excellent environment for exhibitions. It is undergoing restoration at the moment so I am looking forward to seeing the changes when it is finished.

The structure on the far left of the building is the Winter Garden. It is licensed for weddings and Wensleydale and I have agreed that is we ever get married again [!]. we will do it there. It is a double height room with walls of windows and a view of the sea – a beautiful place.

The castle also has immaculate gardens, beach access and the essential teashop.

The drawbacks are that parking is expensive [but free in the winter] and on a beautiful day in the school holidays the teashop was very busy.

The exhibition we visited was by Wessex Textile Artists:


We saw some beautiful work, including a stunning stomacher by Carol Green.

After lunch in the café we walked on the beach and I did a little beachcombing. I was very restrained, only returning with two things, one of which was this pebble. The colours and patterns remind me of some of Mondrian's work, when he was beginning to move towards full abstraction.
Perhaps if there are any geologists out there someone could tell me what type of rock it is?

I also took some photos. You might think this was the south of France in the summer – but no, it was the South of England in April. What a contrast to Sunday morning!

Mind you, an hour later we had sleet…

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