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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 6 February 2008

I've been rather quiet

about my metre piece for C&G since I first posted about it. That is because, as usual, I got so far with it and then got bored. But as teacher wants it in on Valentine’s day, over the last few days I have made a determined effort and it’s finished.

I am fairly pleased with it – my biggest doubt is about those little tasselly things, which are actually beefed up knots, at the ends of the strings. I am not happy about them but cannot think of any other solution that would not require major reconstruction. I’ll see if the tutor has any bright ideas. I also want to see what it looks like in daylight – the Kunin felt beads look a bit white, so I may paint them with cold tea.

I also have to complete the write up of the process [action plan, costings, diary and evaluation], collect my samples, and make a book to put it all in. Most of the writing is done, so making the book will take the most time. [You probably realise by now that I spend rather a lot of time on these inessentials!] My current idea is a narrow book [A3 cut in half lengthwise] with a Japanese stab binding and some of the left over leaves on the cover. I hope to get time to start it tomorrow before going to college.


Kentish Maid said...

Really like that - can't really see the knots you are worried about to make any helpful comments. Your book sounds really interesting. I tend to make mine as I go along, put things in as I do them, and write my thoughts as I go. Wouldn't remember otherwise!

Carol said...

The leaves are gorgeous. Have you said earlier how you made them? I'll have to go back a bit to see. I can't see anything that you should worry about but of course only you know what effect you really want. I'd be very happy with it.

Misc. Muse said...

I can't really see the knots either. Tea dye would look good on the beads. I really like your leaf things- reminded me I have some skeltin leaves to work with, do you know how they are made? I love anything with leaves.