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Friday 29 February 2008

Sketchbooks Part 3

In the third term we had to make a book of our own – ‘book’ being pretty broadly defined!

We had already made a couple of books by this time. This accordion book on 'Line' was the result of a Saturday school when we drew and painted in all sorts of ways – without looking, using brushes tied to long canes, with wire etc. Good fun – especially for those like me who can’t draw and find it scary.

The wiggly cream line on the right is string dipped in paper pulp.

The second book was a holiday task between term 2 and 3. This is mine on India – one of my favourite holiday destinations. It has a stick and elastic band binding, which you can only just see see because the cover has a ‘door’ cut in it. You will see that I incorporated some Indian bits. [For Brit embroiderers,they came from a Glitterati goody bag.]

My final book was also inspired by other good holidays – Egypt, in case you hadn’t guessed. It is constructed from papyrus paper I bought on the web. The images are tracings, stamps, transferred images and some drawings. I really had fun with this, and became more confident about my drawing and painting skills. Nor completely confident, you understand, just more confident!

Maz asked about the cost of a course like this compared with on-line courses. I can’t remember how much I paid, but the college [Eastleigh] is currently advertising the cost at £392. The Kemshalls’ advertise it for a minimum of £650.

I don’t think this is a rip-off – overheads are different and some colleges do still seem to subsidise Adult Ed courses. [I used to work in FE and could bore for Britain on the subject of funding but having been out of it for nearly 2 years I am out of touch now, thank goodness.]

I just came across this blog:


which gives a day to day account of someone taking the course. This is a slightly different approach – but looks just as much fun!

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artfulzebra said...

Excellent books, Celia, thanks for sharing and for the info on the cost of the course. Oh, and the blog link, I'll check that out too! :o)