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Friday 14 March 2008

Just a short post

because I am going out for my birthday meal later.

There has been some discussion of gold work on the C&G Textiles Yahoo list so I though I would post a picture of my gold work mini piece and my gold work major piece. One is slightly bigger than the other – and there is more work on the major piece.

My design subject is 20th century art and these were inspired by – in case you hadn’t guessed – Gustav Klimt. I know it’s hackneyed but when we got onto gold work I couldn’t resist using Klimt – although I did play around with some Art Deco idea first.

This is the picture which inspired the cushions:
We have tickets for the Klimt exhibition at Tate Liverpool in the summer – after which we will head for Glasgow [via the Anthony Gormleys on Formby beach] for a bit of Mackintosh. I discovered in researching my history of British embroidery that Klimt and the Mackintoshes actually met, and Nicholas Pevsner thought that Mrs M was the one who influenced Klimt the most. But then he does seem to have been a man who liked women …

Later, if I get time, I might post some pictures from the book of the cushions about the design process. I am pleased with them and you can see that quality control approves of them too.

I have a busy weekend ahead of doting and cuddling, so expect some more baby photos as well!

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Fran├žoise said...

Happy birthday!
Looking forward to the baby photos.