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Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 1 March 2008

Back to embroidery

This is what A calls the mini fashion project, although I don’t think this is quite what she meant.
It is one of the extended samples - as opposed to ordinary samples, 8 samples of constructed back grounds and the 4 finished pieces. Confused? So am I.

The brief was to produce a pocket, neckline or cuff, inspired by historic fashion detail and using fabric manipulation and edgings.

‘Cuff’ made me think ‘bracelet’ which is why this buttons into a cylinder. I tried to photograph it on my wrist but got too much camera wobble! It is a little bit too big and I wish I had shaped it slightly - but it will do.

I cheated a bit [surprise surprise] and used a detail from a 19th century Breton fisherman’s wedding waistcoat in the V&A, although the rickrack edging came from a Mary Quant dress, also in the V&A. I was also inspired by a bracelet worn by an actress in ‘Lewis’ last Sunday night – it was heavy ridged metal, which led to the pintucks on this.

I cheated a lot more and appliquéd a lot of braids and ribbons which is why it is finished so quickly, Anne!

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