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Friday 27 June 2008

My challenge quilt is finished - maybe ...

Here is the whole thing. It isn't really uneven, but my temporary quilt hangers are.

A Markal paintstick rubbing with a little stitch

Sheers, and Angelina, impressed with a stamp. The shells were not part of the challenge but seemed to fit in. I used the same colour of Angelina throughout although it doesn’t look like it.

FME on silk paper. This paper is more matt than silk paper usually is because I used silk noils [from a Texere pack, for those who know what that means] and matt gel medium. I also pressed it so it was pretty flat before I added my dodgy FME. This was not done with my new machine!

More sheers and a few sequins. The butterfly fell out a sample packet from Simply Sequins and insisted on joining in. Sorry about the reflection from the flash - this bit is pretty flashy.

Silk paper with added Angelina, fibres and buttons. The buttons were not part of the challenge but I inherited 3 women’s stashes of buttons in addition to my own. Got to use them somewhere.

You can just see the discharging on this section – the wavy lines bottom left. I could tell you that I worked for days producing the complex cloth for the background – but I’d be lying. When I dye I spread some calico [muslin in American] over the table to catch the inevitable drips and spills. I use the same piece until it has plenty of character and then stick it in a bucket with some soda solution and any dyes left over at the end of the session. If it looks too awful it goes back on the table for another circuit. This piece looks as if I practiced printing leaves on it too …

The silk paper was made with cocoon strippings and Angelina. The glue in the cocoon strippings meant I was able to add a little foil without adding any extra glue. And some more buttons. In layers.

None of this section was part of the challenge – apart from the Markal rubbing I didn’t like which is hidden underneath. I think this needs more stitch - possibly beads and French knots, in blue to add more colour.

I really enjoyed doing this hanging, and I have already started the next one, which at the moment is telling me it needs to be crazy quiltish – but who knows how it will end up …

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Thelma said...

Love it Celia! I haven't even started mine yet...sigh