'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 25 January 2015

Week 20: The Missing Week

Term was supposed to start this week -and it did, for most people. But I've had a chest infection for about 10 days and I couldn't face hauling my sore-throated, coughing self into Uni. To be honest, the possible consequences of having a coughing fit on the M27, in the rush hour, in the dark, terrified me. So I stayed in bed. I did get my essay mark, via the wonders of the internet, and all was well. A reasonable grade, and there was only one  criticism which I completely agreed with, so no complaints.

Has lots of creative stuff been done in the extra time? No. All I've had the energy for is a bit of routine, un-artistic knitting. 

These trees/hands/sea anemones/gloves for very small people with very long hands have languished in their basket, waiting in vain for new friends to join them. I'm hoping to get back to them tonight. Not sure where they are leading - they were originally going to become a sort of clipped bay tree of hands, but they decided they didn't want to do that. Now I'm thinking  of a sort of carpet (well, small mat) of hands. 

I think hands - or gloves - or things that vaguely resemble hands or gloves - are taking over from trees.  Hands are symbolic of so many things, plus I've become besotted with phrases about hands - like “hand in glove” - and I'm pondering  how I can develop that.

So apart from coughing, and some extra grandparenting, not much has happened around Cheese Acres. Must do better.

Sunday 11 January 2015

Happy New Year!

I know I'm late, but I've just realised I haven't posted since last year. No excuses, I just never seemed to get round to it. It's not as if we've been that busy since Christmas, although there has been some extra grandparenting, which can be a little tiring, 😉

We had a good time with the in-laws to be on New Year's Eve, when we were treated to a Spanish meal, although it ended up with Welsh whiskey, which is becoming something of a tradition. The next time we meet them will be for the wedding. I am really looking forward to it, although I don't think we will be toasting the happy couple with Penderyn. I will also need to find something to wear...

Another tradition seems to be having a big clear out - never planned, but as it always happens around this time of year, I think it's become a habit. All sorts of things emerged: manuals for computers and phones we no longer own, chequebooks for accounts we no longer have, and an unused 2005 calendar.  On the other hand I can't find the 2015 one I'm sure I bought - presumably I'll find it in 2025...

The tree/hand knitting has continued. 
Binomial, Fibonacci and dreadlocked trees, one (unfinished) with a handful of hands, and a bunch of tiny pinkish prosthetics I'm not sure how I'm going to use. 

There has also been some ornament starting, although they  need beads, sequins and possibly a tassel.

Uni doesn't start again till the week after next, so we took advantage of a free day to go down to Bournemouth, have lunch at the Russell-Cotes, wander round the galleries, and take photos of the sea.

Today has been a flower day. As usual, our early snowdrops are out under the birch tree

And Wensleydale assembled our poppy, which arrived a couple of days ago.  It is bigger than I expected, and has a touch of mud and rust, which seems appropriate, really.

It doesn't seem much for nealy two weeks, does it? Perhaps too much drinking. Tea, that is.