'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 17 November 2009

I was dreading today …

but so far it’s turned out much better than expected.

We had a lot of different things to do – dentist, gym and shopping for me, doctor [and possibly hospital] for him.

Fortunately the dentist found nothing wrong – and I managed to get what I needed on the shopping expedition.

We won't talk about the gym.

W. had a doctor’s appointment this evening because recently he injured his knee, and after an initial period of improvement it is not getting any better. [It must be bad or he wouldn’t go near a doctor!]

As expected, the doctor has referred him to the hospital – but not tonight,  which is what we were both dreading – sitting in A&E at 5 pm on a wet November night not being our idea of a good night out.

The prognosis is pretty much what we expected – cartilage trouble – with a suggestion of arthritis as well. Ah, the pleasures of getting older! [Of course he’s older than me and doesn’t have the advantage of having been born in 1948.]

So instead of sitting in A&E with a book we’re sitting at home with a glass of wine and Radio 3 – definitely a better way of spending the evening.


Today’s sketchbook page illustrates how well Margaret Peot’s roller techniques suit the photos I took at the Contemporary Textiles workshop. Some really interesting marks there.

It is beginning to dawn on me how many textile artists are producing abstract work where mark making plays an important role. [Doh. ] All three of the modern quilters at the Discovery Centre exhibition, for example – Pauline Burbidge, Dorothy Caldwell and Diana Harrison. And it has also dawned on me how much I like that sort of piece.

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