'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 31 January 2016

One thing leads to another

As a break from knitting, I decided to make another fauxdori. Yes, I already have four, but I have a good excuse justification reason. I like to use squared paper for making notes (I use a simplified version of the bullet journal system). You can buy squared paper notebooks, at a price, or you can buy school exercise books for a lot less. The only problem is that exercise books are a tad wider than A5. Hence the need to make a slightly wider than A5 fauxdori. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And it used up some hand dye and beads from my stash. There's still quite a lot of stash left, mind, but every little helps.

(I have to confess that after the first fauxdori fever struck, I did buy some coloured elastic just in case I felt like needed to make another one.)

While I was looking for the beads in the (small) drawer of jewellery I made and never wore (I'm a process, not a product person) I found a nice, but too short necklace.

"What a pity I haven't got any more of these beads. Oh, hang on, there's another necklace the same. And a bracelet. I'll turn them into one longer one.

I need to find something to string them on: look in my long neglected jewellery making box. This bit of cord looks about the right length. String some beads - oh, some of them have holes that are too small. Get out the finer cord I just put away.

Some won't fit even on the finer cord. Put them on one side, I've got some even finer elastic, I'll make a bracelet with those afterwards."

Time passes.

"That's all the beads with bigger holes, I'll just try it on. Oh, too long to wear in one loop, too short to wrap round my head twice without a fastener - or use elastic! Unthread beads, rethread beads on elastic, including those with smaller holes, knot and try on. A necklace I will actually wear. Maybe."

However, I didn't procrastinate all day. I wrestled the biggest glove onto the top bit of its armature, and it's now waiting to be connected to the rest. There is a slight glitch in that the rest is a bit wobbly and we have had to rethink it slightly, so I will be putting in another order to the steel rod suppliers next week...

Speaking of procrastination, I finally went to the audiology clinic on Friday afternoon. I turned up half an hour before closing, still waited an hour... But the hearing aid is fixed and I've got an appointment for a fitting for some new ones, as mine are 5 years old and therefore old hat!


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