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Sunday 29 November 2015

How to stuff a glove in 30 easy stages.

I think I mentioned that a tutor had suggested that I tried expanding foam as an armature for my gloves. I experimented with it last week, by spraying it into a sample glove, and, as suggested by fellow student C, into a latex glove. I don't have photos of the former, as it's at Uni, but I have names it 'Frankenglove'... The latex one worked quite well, so today I decided to have another go.


  1. Collect overall, latex gloves and face mask. With hindsight, a full face mask might have been better.
  2. Find can of foam and read the instructions.
  3. Find cane, another sample woollen glove, and a curtain ring, for experimental purposes.
  4. Remember that another tutor had suggested I make pinpricks in the finger tips to prevent the air pockets I got in the previous gloves, so...
  5. Go to find a pin in my workroom.
  6. Remember Wensleydale's suggestion to try shaping the glove over a ball. No ball, so collect some crumpled newspaper and some masking tape.
  7. Go back for the pin.
  8. Put on a rubber glove. Remember just in time to prick the fingers, avoiding pricking my own, and insert hand, in the rubber glove, in the knitted glove.
  9. Try to remove my hand without the rubber glove. Fail.
  10. Decide to put talcum powder in the rubber glove to stop it sticking to my hand. Remember that I don't have any talcum powder.
  11. Try using the cane to push the rubber fingers into the woollen fingers. The rubber glove sticks to the cane.
  12. Find an old bamboo knitting needle to push the fingers into the finger. It works! But the knob comes off in the finger. Pull the glove out again to retrieve it.
  13. Get all the fingers into the fingers - er, no, some of the rubber fingers have found their way through the gaps in the stitches and are now outside the woollen ones.
  14. Push them back.
  15. Second experimental glove. Put it on, prick the fingers.
  16. Remember to change this glove for an unpricked one while working.
  17. Insert curtain ring and cane into the correct glove.
  18. Try to spray foam into glove. Realise that my attempts to clean the can after previous use had failed and the nozzle is blocked.
  19. Find second can.
  20. Start to spray into second glove.
  21. Remember that my experimental idea was: the stick in one glove, the curtain ring in the other. Remove cane, now covered in foam.
  22. Finish spraying into glove 2.
  23. Attempt to spray into glove 1. Cannot get tube into fingers. Nozzle tube bends. Eventually give up, remove rubber glove from woollen glove, complete spraying. Insert cane.
  24. Take can to sink and attempt to clean it with acetone, as recommended on can, and screwdriver and old skewer, as not recommended on can. Time will tell whether this is successful.
  25. In process of cleaning can, get foam on hands (have foolishly removed gloves) and face.
  26. Attempt to clean self up with vintage Tufanega left behind by Cheese Major when he moved out over 10 years ago. Works on hands, not on face.
  27. Try acetone. Does not work.
  28. Wensleydale suggests scrubby exfoliating glove in shower. Scrub hard. Remove foam and a generous layer of skin.
  29. Return to inspect gloves and realise have been far too generous with foam.
  30. Sit down with glass of wine, kindly delivered by Wensleydale.


1 comment:

Sandy said...

Oh Celia!
Hilarious after the fact!
You need to hire an assistant.
Hugs Sandy
Hope the face recovers!