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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 7 October 2011

Never say ‘I don’t like…’

Some readers may remember that in the past I have said that I don’t like realism in art.

I take it back – although I think what I like is photorealism in art. Like these images by Robert Davies, who has an exhibition at Winchester Discovery Centre now. Yes – those are drawings. There’s a video in the exhibition showing him working on one, although you can't see what techniques he uses. He does also take photos, and those of the River Avon are very lovely.

I decided that it is photorealism which appeals to me because I also like the work of George Shaw – though I’m not sure ‘like’ is the right word. His work is eerie and disturbing, with all sorts of connotations that I'd rather not think about in too much detail.

There’s one in Southampton Art Gallery for those nearer there than Gateshead, where he is a finalist in the Turner Prize. I note that the Daily Mail dismisses his work as ‘boring’ – they moan every year about the lack of what they call art, but give them a realist painter and they don’t like that either!

Visiting the Davies exhibition was just one part of a busy day,image so needless to say there has been slippage on my 3 a day. Only 1 envelope in the post, but even that hasn’t been rolled. I hope to get some time for Photoshop later on – assuming there’s nothing on the telly. So 1 – maybe 2 - out of 3 – and the Country Gardener is still slipping, because I keep having ideas. I finally got it ‘tacked’ together yesterday, but then when I was looking for something else I came across an oval mask – and decided CG needed a red oval. 

Now I can’t decide whether to continue with my original idea of adding half hitches or raised chain band to hold it all together, or just to replace the ‘tacking’ with something a bit more robust – and whatever I do, what colour? Any suggestions?

Busy day tomorrow as well as it’s Mr Cheddar’s birthday bash – happy birthday, R!

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