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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 15 October 2009

Extreme embroidery?

How about torn corrugated card, held together with staples and stitched with string?

Today I had the great pleasure of taking a class, at the Discovery Centre, with Jackie Langfeld. If you went to the Mall Galleries for the Prism exhibition earlier this year you may remember her ‘Paper Warriors’.

We didn’t quite make warriors – but I did manage these. IMG_8869

You can’t tell from this photo, but this is a bowl. the idea was that the beads and French knots would look as if they were cascading down to the lowest point – except that the lowest point shifted as I was stitching it. Jackie had some good ideas on how to deal with that – she is an ex-C&G teacher and was clearly a good one. All the students got individual attention, she had lots of suggestions, and was very tactful. She was also very generous about sharing  her techniques and materials.


This is an experimental piece. When I left the class I thought it was finished but looking at it in the photo, perhaps it isn’t! And maybe it isn’t the right way up – although I thought it was.





What do you think?

One or two of the students who didn’t know about her work seemed a bit gobsmacked by it – but if you like this sort of stuff, and don't have very arthritic fingers, I recommend her class! [Stapling and sewing corrugated card can be hard on the hands.]

Jackie has some pieces in the current Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition in the Discovery Centre. We had a quick look at coffee time but i shall be going back for a longer visit.


Today’s image is another of my kantha/graffiti pieces on a Colour Catcher. The other page is one of the graffiti-ish papers I painted and then used for the book pages.


verobirdie said...

very inspiring. must have been fun.

Unknown said...

Lucky you getting to take a class with Jackie langfield, I loved her work at the K&S in Harrogate last year.

Kitty said...

Those pieces are fantastic!

Cobi said...

If you'd just described it to me I don't think I would've appreciated it. but seeing the pictures, I do like it. the second piece, after you turned it around looks perfect. I really, really love that one. thanks for sharing.