'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Friday 14 December 2012

Things can only get better...

having been pretty bad at Cheese Acres and environs for the last couple of months. No wrecks and nobody drownded, (listen, Google, when I type in 'drownded', I mean 'drownded', and if I wanted Stevie Smith I'd have said so!) but some major hassles to cope with. So the e-mail I got this afternoon telling me I'd been excused jury service was a cause of great rejoicing, and a great weight off my mind.

I believe you get picked for jury service at random by computer, and I've never been picked before, so I'm hoping that this means that official computers are in a mood for selecting my name, and that Ernie will select one of the £10 worth of Premium Bonds I've had since I was 21 without ever winning anything. 

Bit of a Fylde Coast connection in this post. (You probably have to be Northern and/or old to understand this.)

The arrival of good news had been preceded by an enjoyable lunch at Brasserie Blanc, so I was in the mood to be cheerful. Not completely cheerful, as we waited 30 minutes for the bus both going and coming (it's a 10 minute service), and the weather was dreadful, at least at first.

And I've finished the Contemporary Textile Workshop piece, which has, as you can see, morphed into a Christmas decoration.  Not quite, I think, what Terri the tutor intended, but I like it.

The other CTW piece has stalled a bit, but once we've got Sunday over  - a joint celebration for Wensleydale's birthday (early) and my graduation (late) I should be able to fit in some dedicated embroidery time.

Assuming no more hassles happen. 

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Anne B said...

This is fun! Love it.