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Friday 14 June 2013

Just passing through...

with the results of today's Contemporary Textile Workshop.

The brief was to spend the morning making a background for embroidery, and the afternoon embroidering it. Of course, I didn't stick to that.

Bondaweb, paint, Angelina, sheers etc. had been mentioned, but so had the embellisher. I wan't excited by the first four but the idea of a little embellishing appealed. My preparation for the session had been a bit rushed due to an extra day looking after Babybel and the VHC, so I ended up with a rather odd collection of stuff. I'd read somewhere that you can embellish split silk rods, so as I have rather a lot of them, I grabbed all the red, orange and yellow ones, and any co-ordinating fabric and threads that came to hand.

Which is how I ended up embellishing together a bit of tie-dyed muslin and some pink fleece. Oh, and a peeled silk rod, that's it in the middle. The blurry yellowy pink bits are random dyed cross stitches, also embellished, and the white is back stitch, more to be added later. (Sorry for the blurry image, I was too lazy to get a camera so took the photo with the iPD, which is too heavy for me to hold steady.)

My original idea was to make a conical bag with it, but although the fleece was square to begin with, it wasn't after I'd embellished it. So the new idea is to wire the edges and fold the corners up into a sort of pasty shape. Of course by tomorrow I may have a completely new idea - or have gone back to the first one.  Whichever it is, tassels may be involved...

This, plus all the rest of my CTW productions, will appear in the Eastleigh College exhibition, at Desborough Campus, between Thursday evening, 4th July, and lunchtime on Saturday 6th. Please come along! Amongst other work you can also see the exhibition of this year's degree students, which I am really looking forward to. It doesn't seem a year since we were agonising over ours!

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