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Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 17 August 2013

Two more pages

and probably the last of my repetitive metalwork.

On the left, an experiment to find out if you can foil wire mesh with Bondaweb. Answer, yes you can, but it's patchy and it doesn't look like it would stand up to wear. On top of that is some beading, inspired by Sandy - although I didn't hang mine on a spring. (Good idea though, and I have got some springs...)

On the right, samples from some of my attempts to patinate copper and brass metal cloth, involving vinegar, heat and patinating fluid, but not all on the same piece. That might have been too exciting. 

I'm not completely sure which was which - the one at the top was definitely patinating fluid, and I think bottom left and the two in the centre were the gas cooker, which means the others were vinegar. Balsamic or malt didn't seem to make a difference, and the results were - let's say 'subtle'.

All I need to do now is make the cover. I have some ideas for that but this weekend is mostly devoted to a VI Birthday Party tomorrow, for which I have made 4 dozen muffins today, and will be making some sarnies tomorrow. Yes, the VHC is two!  

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Sandy said...

Thanks for the link. I found it easiest to slot the knot from the thread between the spring coils and wind it around to the spot I wanted the fringe. then when the fringe bit was finished, bend the spring to open a gap and slot the Thread through the next coil along. Wind it around again to the next place, and so on.
The only time I stuck the needle through the spring was for the tie off knot. Make it like a French knot for the inside and then bend the spring to get the needle through from inside and pull it out. Possibly with something to grip the needle.