'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 11 May 2014

Trees, knitting and a book.

Last week, after I'd made the pasta machine collagraph prints, I got out the Gelli plate and made tree prints with the stencils I'd cut from my tree drawing. Or are they landscapes?

Here's one I made earlier, in both orientations. Can't make up my mind. Whichever, I definitely prefer Gelli to pasta.

And here are a few more trees, in various stages of completion. OK, the bottom two (random cables, with and without i-cord), aren't very tree like, but they could be with a bit of work. I keep getting ideas for treeish things to knit, but I felt like a break from knitting (apart from  the VHC's scarf, of course), to add some four sided stitch to one of the Gelli prints (top right).

An hours good cycling on TV most nights this week has enabled me to make good progress on the scarf, despite spotting an error the other night and having to pull half of it out. W. said that the VHC wouldn't notice, but I would, even if it is mistake stitch rib. Babybel was very pleased with her scarf, so I hope the little one likes his 'boo' one.

I also managed to finish off the Contemporary Textile Workshop lace book. I was going to line it with Vilene, but I realised that it was stiff enough on its own, so it's lined with a bit of an interesting print I found in the cupboard.

I'm going to put the better pasta prints in it later, but first I have to wait for the Markal I put on the cover to cure a bit, otherwise I'll end up with blue hands. Again. Just call me Cheshire Smurf.


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