'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 17 October 2015

I'm very confused...

so no change there. The reason I'm confused this time is that according to BlogPadPro, I haven't posted for a month, but according to Blogger, it's 'only' two weeks. Just hope Blogger is right, and that you can see the all the posts I can see on line!
I know I've got lax about posting, but not much exciting seems to be happening round here. Enjoyable, most of it, but not exciting, which may or may not be a good thing! We grandparent, we do the chores, I go to Uni, I knit - that's about it. The highlights of this week have been having my hair cut (relaxing) and going to the bank to rationalise our ISAs (exhausting).  The big trauma of the week, was that Texere, the company I was planning on buying all my wool for Uni from, has gone into liquidation. Fortunately my last order arrived, but where will I go for industrial quantities of rug wool now? I've used them for years, and will miss them.   But - keep calm and carry on knitting. This...
                                now looks like this. All 2.75 metres and 1.6 kilos of it.  
I've been thinking that it's not growing very quickly, but then I realised it's half as long again as the first one and it's taken less time.   (Anyone else hate the way IOS autocorrect cannot cope with apostrophes? All those 'it's' in the sentence had to be retyped because autocorrect doesn't realise that the 's' belongs to the 'it', not the next word. Drives me nuts!)                                     I've (did it again!) taken some time out to make October's Advent decorations. These were quicker and simpler to make than I expected, but the cutting was nerve wracking - I'm (got it right that time!) running out of felt. Serves me right for choosing such an odd colour scheme.
Just a few more and I may have enough ready in time for Christmas. And I bought our Christmas cake yesterday too. After years of making our own, we've realised that we are the only people in the family who eat Christmas cake, and we don't like it that much. So I bought a miniature one from Oxfam, which will give us as much as we want and benefit a good cause as well. Just the rest of the Christmas shopping to go now...

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