'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 1 May 2016

A change of direction?

On her excellent blog, Alisa Golden suggests that if you are feeling uninspired, you grab a few sheets of coloured paper and make a book. While you are doing it, inspiration will, hopefully, strike. So I did. (It wasn't this book. It was a red one) and inspiration did strike - I decided to make a colour circle of books. Next up was orange. I immediately hit a problem. I had very little orange paper, and I was not in the mood to paint any.              
Which is how I ended up making an 'orange' book whose pages were mostly brown, copper and turquoise. Then inspiration struck again, and I decided to make some little textile pieces to go in the books. (Some quick little things, just what I need!) I started with the orange on as it's the smallest, due to the paper shortage. A little pin loom, just the right size, drew itself to my attention, so pin weaving it was. (The weaving, which is 8x9 cm, goes with the paper much better than it appears in this photo.) This is, of course, an experimental piece. In the next one, which I have already started, I have used a brown warp, and the one after that will probably be more abstract.   This does not mean that I have totally finished with the gloves. I shall be back at Uni on Tuesday and Wednesday, setting up the three remaining ones, and dropping off all my notebooks, sketchbooks etc. The it's a week to wait for marking to be done, the results, and the exhibition, before it is really all over. The two years have passed so quickly, and I have learned so much, but I shall be glad when it's finished.  

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