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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 25 January 2008

Joggles class Part 2

This is the second piece I have made for Sue’s class. Sue suggested we used pages from a book as one of the layers but I cannot bring myself to do anything to books except read them! So although I had bought a book specially in a charity shop I ended up using a supplement from a newspaper. It was on magic, which is why you can just see the beginning of ‘Houdini’. There are other words just visible under the paint.

I also didn’t have all the supplies needed, so instead of flower petals I used sequins and bits of sequin waste. I was worried they would shrivel up under the iron, but fortunately they didn’t. The ribbon is, as you might have guessed, left over from Christmas. I thought the stars went well with the magic theme.

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Anonymous said...

Celia this is wonderful! Beautifully done. I like the way the text is just visible enough. Wonderful!