'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 31 January 2008

Of course, I spoke too soon ...

and woke to a high wind and pouring rain. However the weather has improved and some sunshine this afternoon has brought out a few more cherry blossoms.

My daughter in law delivered the two Chinese embroideries for their photo shoot this morning. The pictures are not very good, I'm afraid - the flash reflected in the glass but the photos without flash were even worse.

The one on the left is the smaller of the two - about side plate size - and the crayfish are about dinner plate size. If you haven't seen embroideries like these before, they are double sided, with identical[reversed] work on the back. And the quality of the stitching is unbelievable.
So how did they end up living with Number 1 son? Some years ago he made several working visits to China, installing software in factories. One of the places he visited was Suzhou, which meant nothing to me at the time. [I now know that it is the home of one of the 'Four Reknowned Embroideries' of China.] When he left, he was presented with samples of the local work, which his mother has coveted ever since. They are the main reason I chose China as one of my three countries. I hope he will leave then to me in his will.


Wil said...

I am sure he will < evil grin>. By the way I have you tagged.

Unknown said...

I might do if your really nice ;o)

Cda00uk said...

Good heavens - the other son reads his old mum's blog too!