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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 9 August 2011

A chapter of accidents.

  1. The bin liners I painted yesterday to see if they would take acrylic paint. They looked fine to begin with but when I tried to cut them up to weave with them, the strips gave way under any tension at all. Into the bin.
  2. Then I discovered the paint had come off on my cutting mat…
  3. The black bin bag which I tried free machining on. Not a good idea without some sort of supportive backing. Into the bin.
  4. Waking at 2 am and not getting back to sleep till 8, when I would have been better getting up.
  5. The layered [shrinkwrap, black bin liner, iridescent film, black felt], then free machined, then shrunk piece I had hoped would reveal interesting layers when zapped – didn't. The layers seemed to meld together. Not into the bin, but definitely more boring than I’d hoped, though the burnt felt wasn’t bad..
  6. The plastic patchwork – which worked fine till the very end. [It was a bit slippery, so my piecing was not very accurate, but I could live with that.] Then I broke a needle. In trying to find the tip of the broken needle I broke my stitch ripper [don’t ask], and when I started again, the machine decided to rip the plastic not once but twice. Which meant replacing most of one block and a complete section of border.
  7. Quilting the result – despite heavy pinning, the plastic shifted all over the place, which means I have to unpick it. Tomorrow – I’ve had enough. Fortunately I have another stitch ripper.

Rather better news – our anniversIMG_6827ary present to ourselves arrived, just in time for Babybel’s daddy’s birthday – not to mention that of Babyboy,  who is due around the same time.

I’ve had fun playing with it.

It’s a Panasonic, as recommended by A., and is going to take a bit of getting used too.


Quality Control made a good model for a slightly more elegant image than






this one – not taken with the new toy, but when she dozed off on the scanner. Cat scan.






This is even less elegant – but interesting – a rotting apple in the garden. 

W. will get a look in, I promise – if only because he knows more about photography than me.


And the other good news is that Mark is finished – maybe. I’ve run out of green wool, but I fancy making him into a little cushion, so may add something else round the sides. imageMacro close up on the left so you can see the shards of coke can hidden in the ‘grass’. Not sure why the other one has ended up with an orange cast, but it is brilliant example of the way shadows are the complementary colour to the object <g>.

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Kitty said...

Have fun with your new camera. All the auto-modes are lovely - the only problem with them is it means you get reluctant to use manual controls. Tip - If you haven't already get a clear filter to put on the lens permanently - its a lot cheaper to replace than a scratched lens!