'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 15 March 2012

Every silver lining has a cloud.

I had a birthday earlier on in the week - not saying which one - and lovely Wensleydale decided that I needed a new computer. A bigger, sleeker and prettier one than my elderly Acer laptop. So I am typing this on my new Mac. As I have never used one before, it has been a bit of  a learning curve, but once W. had found where they've hidden the @ sign, I was away - and  I've realised that I can still use a lot of the things I'm used to, like Chrome and Picasa. 

But not Livewriter - and as the free Mac alternatives I've tried don't seem to work, and I'm not prepared to pay £££ for a blogging platform - I'm stuck with writing this in Blogger. Past experience suggests that writing will not be the problem, it will be adding pictures. I know Blogger has had some changes since I last used it to write my posts - so we shall see.

 I Cat

I take it back about the writing, Blogger seems to want to change font in mid-stream. And I do not like Times New Roman, even if Blogger does.

Another little animal - the only visitor to our bird squirrel feeder. Plastic window frames are clearly no deterrent - though the glass was.

Well - my return to Blogger for posting has been a frustrating experience. I am about to try posting on my website and college blog - if Wordpress proves more amenable on a Mac, this blog may be moving soon...

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Sandy said...

If you type up what you want while in the HTML tab, you can get all the words, but use the font you have chosen (on one of those design or settings sections) as default.

you can also get rid of those dumb extra spaces they want to put in there. and you can upload all the photos while in compose (in fact, you should be able upload one by one all the photos into a holding box and then get them to put them into the post), then go into HTML and you will be able to recognise the photo by what ever name you have called it. and move the text around next to the photo you want to have it near. or put all the photos in and then go to HTML and write what you want next to the photo.

Or write text, then copy the gubbins which goes with a particular photo and then paste it where you do want it...and then delete the first bit which you copied. (well, I do ctrl-c for copy, then ctrl-x to rub it out then position in the new place and do ctrl-v to paste it, but I don't know if those shortcuts work on a Mac.)

Alternatively, put all the photos in while in compose and then go to HTML and write what you want next to the photo.

not too hard once you start recognising what is what. you don't actually have to write in code for it to work. you can flip back and forth between HTML and compose and see how you are getting on.

I can explain better if you need me too.