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Dorothy Rowe

Monday, 25 June 2012

Art Camera?

Today's app is Art Camera.

This one.

- there are at least two others. Its strengths are that it is free, easy to use [1 INTUTs], and you can hand write on your images. Its weaknesses are that it has a small range of not amazingly interesting, untweakable filters, and is low-res.

I like the first of these, [HT filter + blur] though the writing is in the wrong place. It is fairly easy to move and rescale the writing, one you've worked out how to get it the right way up - hence the award of one INTUT.

I like the handwriting [or, more accurately, finger writing] bit, so I may keep it for that - I'm thinking of starting a folder on Paddy named '1 Hit Wonders' and putting in it the apps that might come in useful one day, like this one.

But 'Art'? I think not, though 'Camera' is justified, as you can take photos using it. [I came across the name for that on some techy site but of course I can't remember it...]

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