'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 28 July 2013

One thing leads to another.

Today I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and do some 'Repetition'. 

Well, to be honest, yesterday I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and do some 'Repetition', but then I got distracted into tidying up, which turned into a wastebin-filling clearout.

But today, as I had finished two books - another pocket book, which is the same as the first, and this one from the remnants - 

and the never-ending using up left-over wool blanket has begun to pall, and is temporarily in the 'to be continued' pile - at least until I have some subtitles to read -

I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and do some 'Repetition'. 

Back to the Evolon I was playing with a couple of posts ago.

In my tidying I came across a couple of old 'Workshop on the Web'  articles on Evolon by Judy Fairless, suggesting a number of techniques to try.

One was cut-back applique with a soldering iron. I am never reluctant to get out the soldering iron, so I free motion stitched down this scrap, previously printed with transfer paints with a string mask, and attacked it. 

Mmm. A definite 'maybe'. I think the background is too strong for the rather anaemic colour, and it needs some more stitch to rescue it. Into the 'to be continued' pile.

Fairless also suggests a Cathedral patchworkish approach, again with the soldering iron. You sew the Evolon face down, stitch and slash.

So I drew guidelines on the back of the Evolon. Whoops, it will show! 

The second mistake was to make the squares too small, so hardly any of the already pretty faint transfer crayon design on the other side shows. 

My solution was my fallback colouring for most synthetics - soluble crayons (Inktense works as well) and a baby wipe. Now this one is in the 'to be continued' pile waiting for some stitch to hold the flaps back.

Then I digressed. I saw a picture somewhere on the web of layered papers with holes burned in them with, I think, a joss stick. I liked the effect but I have tried burning paper with a joss stick and the #%$+]>} thing always goes out. Plus I haven't got any.

So I fished out some stuff for wrapping flowers which I bought from the woman who used to come to college with floristry supplies, and which may or may not be be Sizoflor, or Lutradur, or something completely other, and cut it up into pieces.

In the process my left hand moved from right to left to put something down, as my right hand moved from right to left holding my rotary cutter which I had neglected to close.


I did manage not to burn myself with the soldering iron, but half way through making these holes I decided that I should have used more than one colour.

So I made a second one.

It was at this point that I asked myself how I was going to mount them in my sketch book. As you can see I decided to stitch pin them to a backing. 

So that's two more in the 'to be continued' pile -

along with the holes. Did I hear someone say 'throw them away?' Of course not! 

The leaf shaped holes have been machine stitched together, in what has to be my worst bit of machine embroidered lace ever. No-one but me will ever see the back, which means I will have to back it with something. Another one two in the 'tbc' pile.

Also in the pile is this, which I started a while ago, and which is languishing awaiting beads, and these two for the little brown repetitious sketchbook, which is itself a work in progress.

Knitted, ironed Tyvek on the left, which needs stitching down, and my response to Babybel's response to my cross stitch on the right. Still much more inhibited than hers, though. It's an idea from an old book 'Filling Stitches' by Edith John. It just needs a border.

I daren't count how many things that make in the 'tbc' pile, and there are lots more ideas of things to do with Evolon...

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