'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 23 May 2015

All over, bar the buttons.

All 79 of them. I am procrastinating about them, as sewing buttons on is not my favourite activity.

Nor is crochet. Every time I decide to do some I think I'm going to enjoy it - until I actually start. I can never get into a rhythm like I do with knitting, and I get confused by the instructions. In knitting there's only knit and purl, in crochet there's doubles and trebles and halves and doubles of the same, and I keep having to check which is which. Which is one reason my attempts at Advent snowflakes look like this.

Even Wenslydale could spot the problem. Well, one of them. But they are staying as they are.

Expert crocheters will tell me I'd get better if I practiced more (and learned to count) and they are right, but I don't see a conversion to crochet happening around Cheese Acres anytime soon.

I shall stick to my knitting.

Even if I made a mistake, you'd be unlikely to spot it! This is another cuff sample. I didn't like it when I was doing it, but it's grown on me. Not literally, of course. 

I have enough of the bobbly yarn for four bands like this - or perhaps a little wider - so it's not going to be as long as the first glove (2.7 metres from finger tips to end), but still quite long. I think it might be a snowman's glove. 

Quiet week next week as the little guys are in Tuscany, after a somewhat stressful journey along the M4 where they spent more time stationary than moving. 

I think some knitting may be done.

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