'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 18 August 2015

The Curtains - Continued

  I mentioned last time that my attempt to  shorten and line the VHC's curtains had been scuppered because of the need to wash off the sticky fixers which someone had applied to them. They had dried out by Monday but we had a very busy day so it was on a Tuesday morning that I sat down to tackle them. Pressed them, took off the old curtain tape, started to cut the lining to size - and realised that the fabric wasn't  wide enough. Entirely my own stupid fault, of course. I had measured them, but when I went to buy the lining and heading tape I couldn't find the piece of paper with the measurements on. So I bought what I though was the right width and brought it home. What I hadn't realised is that these are very w-i-d-e curtains. Thomas needs a lot of room, being an engine, albeit only a small one. So, a trip out to buy some more lining - extra-wide, so I don't need to seam it - and home in time for a drink before lunch. I cut the new lining to size (I shall probably do some creative knitting with the other stuff, so it's not wasted) and started to hem it. All went well until I jabbed my thumb with the point of the scissors. Blood on the lining! I know the best thing to clean blood off is your own spit, but there was rather more blood than spit, so I held the scarlet section under the nearest tap and fortunately it washed out. It is now draped over the radiator to dry. (Yes, it's August. Yes, the heating is on. It's cold!) Then I decided to put a plaster on the nick, although it's not very big, to prevent further staining. It took me about 5 minutes to get the #%*{€>* plaster out of the packaging, finally resorting to the scissors that caused the damage, and it was difficult even with those. I'm all for keeping plasters clean, but impenetrable? - not a good idea.  I had a much needed cup of tea,  ironed the damp section and resumed work.  I finished hemming the linings, pinned them to the curtains, sewed them in. Pressed the result, folded the top hem, pinned the curtain tape to the top and -  cut it off about 10cm too short. (The curtain was folded and I thought I'd reached the side - but I hadn't. Of course, what is left is amply long enough for one curtain, but not long enough for two. I really can't face another trip to the shop, so I will get some more tape tomorrow and try again. In the meantime I will head for my burrow and scream quietly. I knew there was a good reason to buy that bottle of Bombay Sapphire on special offer last week...      

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