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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Do Foxes Have Hands?


Only two flyers this week, one A3 and one A5, which was perfect for an idea I came across while researching pop-ups last week. It was in Esther K Smith's 'Magic Books and Paper Toys', which is a book I forget about, until I pick it up and remember it's got good instructions for lots of things I always forget how to do - like pop-ups and map folds. But I digress.

This was an elongated accordion, with shaped pages, cut from one sheet of paper. Smith's was skyscrapers, which was a good choice for practical reasons, but of course mine had to be hands, which were a less good choice. Also Smith recommends smaller, better quality paper, and gives a very clear cutting diagram which I failed to take any notice of. Which is why you may spot some sellotape in these pictures.

The cover was also my idea, which was fortunate, because my use of a big sheet of floppy paper which I had cut too close to the edges meant that the book needed some stiffness if it was going to stand up. (Only book artists want books that stand up by themselves. Or eccentric people. You may judge for yourselves which I am.)

Also, making the A5 card into the cover meant I could use that lovely fox. There seems to be a fashion round here for estate agents' flyers to feature animals.

Despite its imperfections, I'm pleased with this book. I like all those waving hands, and the hand-shaped negative spaces. Next time I think I'll draw the shapes, though, it was difficult enough cutting up a sheet of A3 without making it up as I went along.






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Sandy said...

I suppose foxes have hands. After all, they have a wide selection of fox gloves to choose from. ;-)