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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 15 February 2008

Back in January ...

I mentioned that I was taking Sue Bleiweiss’s Mixed Media class at Joggles.

I have been quiet about it ever since because I have been so busy that I have not managed to keep up with the lessons. [And Sue really crams stuff in, 2 items at least per lesson. It is a very good value course, especially at the current exchange rate!]

So today, having cleared a space in my work room, I made this. In case it isn’t clear, it is a cover for a concertina booklet. I think it may become granny's bragging book.
[I did try to take a photo of it flat with singular lack of success – and scanning it didn’t work either.] And yes - the table does need cleaning.
Last night’s ‘Show and Tell’ passed off successfully, and my metre piece is signed off. The general conclusion [including that of the Internal Verifier who was there] was that the scrawny tassels I don’t like add to the texture and contrast well with the horizontals and verticals. So they are staying and I don’t have to wield the superglue!

The teacher also confirmed that I have completed 7 of the 8 ‘constructed samples’ I have to do. At this level of C&G using ordinary fabric for a background is a no-no – we have to explore different ways of making backgrounds [and then embroider on them] and we all get confused about what is what.

I have 2 silk paper samples [including the green man], 2 made of forms of patchwork, 1 of fabric bonded together, one felt and one knitted. The last will be made when we do paper making in a few weeks time.

I was then told that I could have a [virtual] star for being the most up to date in the class – which means I become the class swot and everyone hates me, I suppose!

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