'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 24 February 2008

A good day and a bad day

Yesterday was a good day - I finished the ribbon flower piece. It took about 3 days which is far too long for a few final samples! Still – I learned a lot, not least about how to make an interesting background on the embellisher. Thanks to Myfanwy for your kind comments, it was your book what done it!

I have also nearly finished the magnum opus, the history of embroidery. It comes to [Anne, look away now] 140 pages. Thank you Guzzisue for telling me yours was two ring binders, it makes me feel much better! And you’re right – you do learn a lot. I don’t regret a minute of it – well, perhaps cutting bits out at the end!

Now all I need to do is print it out, get the editor in chief to proof read it, correct it, add my postcards, and samples and put it in its cover [already made, thank goodness]. OK, maybe it won’t get done by Thursday, especially as Sunday is one of the few nights there is something worth watching on telly.

Today has not been so productive. This morning I was going to start on the design work for the historic fashion piece – but I couldn't find the drawings I did in class. Which led to a bout of tidying. I have been tidying off and on since I finished the metre piece – I can work in mess but need reasonable tidiness to start something new. It is also, of course, procrastination. [Tidiness is of course, always relative - my tidiness is probably a total mess to most people.]

While I was tidying/looking for my drawings I decided that I needed a storage unit we had spotted in Homebase earlier in the week. It was in the children’s storage area – a timber frame into which you can slide 6 large plastic storage boxes. I already have a similar unit which holds a lot more than you expect. I put off buying the new one before because my room is due for major refurbishing but I don’t want to start it until C&G has finished. However this morning the level of grot got to me and I decided to take the first step.

So we went out and bought one. I had hoped to have room for more but the radiator got in the way. However, when I added on the cost of 6 plastic boxes the price doubled so perhaps one unit was enough!

I was going to spend the afternoon putting stuff in boxes but Wensleydale decided the unit needing sanding and staining first – so that was put on hold. So I haven’t achieved much today – although I did find the drawings. Which were in the first place I had looked, of course – the sketchbook was with a collection of other sketchbooks, I just hadn’t looked in all of them.

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