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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 4 February 2008

I now know how to get comments on my blog!

Post a picture of Charlotte [or Custard].

I have been tagged by Wil,

and I am such a newcomer that I had to check her blog to find out what this means.

Just case there is anyone else in the Blogosphere who doesn’t know about it either, here are the rules:

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you. [Done that]

2. Post the rules on your blog. [Done that]

3. Post 7 (weird or random) facts about yourself on your blog.

Mmm – well
· Although I come from Cheshire, [hence the name of the blog] I have only spent 1/6th of my life there. I do like Cheshire cheese though. [Does that count as two facts?]
· My earliest memory that I can date is the Coronation in 1953, which was the first time I saw a TV.
· I saw the Beatles live in 1963 when they were third on the bill to Tommy Roe and Chris Montez [who?].
Thanks to the wonder of Google I can tell you that it was 23rd March.
· I got engaged to my husband within three weeks of meeting him – we married 18 months later and are still together after nearly 37 years. Must have got something right!
· I like most foods – but NOT white chocolate. Nasty!
· After decades of saying I loathed exercise, I recently joined a gym.
· I own a Singer sewing machine which was made around 1894.

4. Tag 7 people and link to them.

More of a problem, as I think many of the people whose blogs I read regularly will have been tagged many times.

So here are some of the interesting blogs of those of you who have been kind enough to comment on my blog. In no particular order, and with apologies to anyone left out because I got to No. 7:

http://stitchingtrail.blogspot.com/ - Sheila is another C&G student - fascinating to read about someone else’s C&G work
http://creatilfun.blogspot.com/ - I’ve read Fran├žoise’s blog for ages – flattering to know she reads mine
http://sharonserranoahmed.blogspot.com/ - Sharon shows some fascinating techniques
http://quirkyartist.blogspot.com/ - I love Wendy’s art
http://barnaclegoosepaperworks.blogspot.com/ - some inspiring book making from Carol
http://lesleyv.blogspot.com/ Lesley is another C&G student, the provider of the sugar and vinegar recipe for texture which I must get round to trying


http://kittystitch.blogspot.com/ - My C&G mate’s blog – although she’s been a bit quiet recently…

5. Comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged

Will do!


Carol said...

Hi Celia, Thank you for tagging me! I had to check to see what it meant and I'll follow your instructions. Your little Charlotte is beautiful, and what a wise look she has. Is Custard her nickname? My little grand daughter Sophia is called Snorky by the family and responds to both names.

Cda00uk said...

Thanks for the kind comments! Custard is the cat [a.k.a. qualtiy control inspector]


quirkyartist said...

I WILL respond to my tag. It just might take a while. As you're interested in printmaking, if you want to see my print-making efforts, they're on my old website.
You can see the collographs on this page and link from there to my etchings and lithos.

Cda00uk said...

If you haven't followed up Wendy's link - I recommend you do so - her stuff is awesome.


quirkyartist said...

Re Queen Elizabeth - traced it on. Used impasto medium for the body, paper doily for the lace ruff and a little sticker for the headdress. You can email me on wendy_shortland@optusnet.com.au if you have any more questions.

Cda00uk said...

Thank you Wendy - you are very generous with your help!


Fran├žoise said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog... and for tagging me!