'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 5 October 2008

We have just about recovered

from a few days looking after Babybel while her childminder was in hospital. It was very enjoyable [apart from the stomach bug which hit us part way through] – but exhausting. We kept wondering how we coped with Cheeses Major and Minor when they were little, plus jobs and all the routine things which we put on hold while she was here. Of course we were 30 years younger …

Here she is with her feely book. She really is a very happy baby and tolerated our lack of recent practice in nappy changing, feeding and bathing, and lack of knowledge of her routine. Unlike her father and uncle at her age, she loves to be cuddled and on occasion fell asleep in my arms. She even seems to like her granny’s singing!

Here she is concentrating on trying to work out how the buckle of her high chair strap works - which she kept up for nearly 15 minutes [under supervision of course]. Not bad for a 10 month old.

She also mastered climbing on to Gran's coffee table - and up the stairs. Time to get a stair gate!

All creativity was put on hold while she was here apart from a bit of baby knitting when she was asleep. I had signed up for another Sue Bleiweiss course which started last weekend so, having got rather left behind during the last one, I made sure I completed at least part of the first week’s assignments before the brunette bombshell arrived. This is an accordion journal which Wensleydale thinks looks medieval. The colour in the picture on the left is the most accurate.

Since Babybel left I have tackled this week's Coptic bound book, using some of the heap of painted papers I made during C&G, so it went together fairly quickly. It needs something on the cover but I am not sure what – perhaps when I decide what to put in it.


Julie said...

Your beautiful granddaughter is growing up so quickly. Isn't she gorgeous!

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely books!
Babybel is getting prettier and prettier...
Lucky grandma!

Jackie said...

So sorry I haven't visited for a while..I've been very busy so now I'm doing a whistle stop tour of all the blogs I read! You certainly made up for the time out with babybel.

Unknown said...

lovely pics Celia!
And THANK YOU so very much to you and Wensleydale for looking after her especially while ill!!!!
L,R,C and Y xxxx