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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 8 February 2010

A few more samples.


I forgot to post the two FME samples I was working on last week – so here they are.

This is the required sample of FME lace – not one of my favourite techniques! The flower petals have holes in them [I do like holes] – the leaves were made separately and then attached to the fabric.




And this silly thing  is what I did with the samples of cords.   The background is a left-over from C&G – cheapo velvet with painted bondaweb, to which I added FME zigzags and couched cord of all descriptions.

Thanks to Anna for the tips on cords. I don’t find the normal foot flattens them too much if I reduce the pressure, but her straw idea did make the free motion ones much more controllable. So much so that I used that trick for some cords for this. Can’t show you mine, though, as it is a gift for someone …


Today I’ve been working on a screenprinting sample – although it morphed into another FME sample. [Not sure what has brought on this citrus-coloured fit.]

This was originally covered with rather too many red and orange flowers, but they faded or disappeared when I washed it. So I FME’d over their ghostly remains. The result is better than the original, I think – the vagueness of the remaining outlines meant I felt freer about what I was doing.

It really needs another flower in the middle, although there is no ghost there, so I may need to take my courage in my hands and do it completely free hand …


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