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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 15 February 2010

Progress has been made …

IMG_0441 The portfolio cover has been completed, and a binding method found. I remembered I had some binding rings I bought for a book making course and never really took to – but they are perfect for this. They even provided something to tie a handle to, which was another problem solved.

The black band is elastic to hold it shut.


All the samples fit for public display have been moudegree 20108nted and included. [This is just a sample of the samples.]

I solved the problem of A3 paper  samples looking silly in an A2 portfolio by mounting them on A2 paper – although that necessitated double mounting to make them stand out.

Now all I have to do to meet the Module 3 deadline is to complete the evaluation.

So I am procrastinating by writing this blog entry.

And we won’t mention modules 1& 5 …


JP said...

you will get there!!!!

Sandy said...

hi Celia,
didn't get over here for a few days. I think I need to do a featured blog on you so i can see in my sidebar when you have posted!

anyway, well done on the dylon samples! Maybe we will have to have a challenge...yeah, in what life would that be? LOL

about the reflective stuff. you wrote about Alot of your work here on the blog. do what Margaret Cooter did for her art course, and print out the blog entries. or at least you can do cut and paste.

when you get this one sorted, you can begin the other refelctions more specifically on the blog to make it easier at the end.
lots of luck,