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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 27 May 2010

Having to eat my words.

In the past I have bored many people by saying that I don’t like hand made felt – or rather, that I don’t like my own, although I sometimes like other people’s.IMG_1147

Well, yesterday in college I made two pieces which I like.

This one




and this one – although I suspect it is one of those things which only its mother could love. It isn’t quite what we were meant to be making –but

1] I need my ears syringing again and

2] I wasn’t really paying attention to what the tutor said

so I ended up with this. The ‘tail’ reminded me of the things you find on the beach we used to call ‘mermaid's purses’ [cuttlefish egg cases?] so with a bit of stitch, some beads, a lining and a handle, that’s what it will be.

The green piece is also destined to become a vessel, because yesterday was the first official session of a new module - ‘3D Form and Structure’. My heart leapt when I read the first assessment criterion - ‘Demonstrate knowledge by producing a wide range of experimental pieces’ – hey, that means making lots of samples :>).  Then I discovered, on another page, the weasel words ‘fully resolved pieces’ - hey, it means producing lots of thought through, finished pieces :>( .

Fortunately they don’t have to be felt - although I really enjoyed this felting session – and I never thought I’d say that – it is time consuming and hard on the arms. We have other sessions on different ways of making things stand up <g> and I think the pieces we made with Kim Thittichai also count.

After all that excitement yesterday, today I went back to the gym for the first time since the chest infection from hell. The good news is that I’ve only put back one kilo of the four I lost – the bad news is that it was haaaard work at the gym – and all I can say is ‘aaargh’.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last few posts – apart from the person who commented in Chinese – again. It’s probably all done by machine but if you are reading this, you are wasting your time commenting in a language I can’t read.

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