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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 21 May 2010

To boldly go …

where no Cheese has been before – i.e. Halifax.

I can never think of Halifax without thinking ‘Hell, Hull and Halifax’. A quick Google reveals that I only know part of it – and that had I Googled before we went I would have looked harder at the exhibit about the Halifax gibbet.

We went to the Bankfield Museum – which is great for textile enthusiasts, having a textile gallery, a costume gallery, and currently, an exhibition of embroidery, patchwork, bead work and weaving by a group whose name escapes me and isn’t mentioned on the museum’s website.

The exhibit about the gibbet was in a room set up to look like a storeroom, full of an eclectic mixture of things which delighted Wensleydale. My friend A. from college would have hated it as we went round saying ‘We used to have one of those’.

We also liked the ‘mini museums’ set up by local school children – also full of things we used to have. The ‘history of music’ -from the 50s to the Spice Girls – was great fun.

No tea shop, unfortunately, but a small but good shop – I bought Surjeet Husain’s books on Phulkari and Shisha, as I already have her one on Kantha and find it useful. I also bought a lot of postcards – several Sue Lawty ones and one of a piece by Michael Brennand Wood [5th and 6th images] which I found very inspirational.

We start off home tomorrow, via Liverpool – again – this time to revisit Another Place and to see the Picasso exhibition at Tate Liverpool. And that, I think, will be enough culture for this month …

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JP said...

glad you liked Bankfield - we had a fantastic talk by Sue Lawty at our Guild on Saturday - longing to hear about the picasso exhibition