'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Monday 3 May 2010

They were nearly right …

You may recall that I commented on the Met Office’s prediction of a ‘chance of snow’ today. I reminded W. about this as we sat eating our lunch in the conservatory in beautiful sunshine.

Then the clouds came over and we had a hailstorm.

And now the sun is shining again, and I have retreated inside because it is too warm in the conservatory … Still time for snow, I suppose – especially as we are going out this evening.

No embroidery or sewing to report on as I have started what I intended to do over Easter, and cleared out a lot of stuff from the sewing room. I can’t do ‘before and after’ photos because I neglected to take ‘before’ – and you probably wouldn’t be able to spot the difference anyway. But now many of my storage boxes are emptier than they were and the recycling bin is full of the paper ephemera I was keeping in case I eventually saw the point of journaling, and the cardboard boxes I was keeping for no reason at all.

This may seem like procrastination – and in a way it is – but I do work better in a reasonably tidy space – that’s ‘tidy’ in my terms, probably not in yours.  ‘Tidy’ means there are only a few bits of fabric draped over the chair [at the moment, 2.5 curtains] and you can see the majority of the floor. I even vacced it yesterday, although you probably wouldn’t think so to look at it now…

I’m still ‘stuck for bobbins’ as my mother used to say, as although Cheese Minor assures me that he has posted the envelope of bits, it has not yet made it from Surrey to Hampshire – and no post today, of course, as it’s a Bank holiday. I blame the ash cloud …

We have achieved one thing this weekend, though. W. has been ‘developing his skills’ for a while by redecorating the dining room, including laying a hardwood floor, which looks great. As he has nearly finished – apart from rehanging the door [which had to be shortened to go over the higher floor] and moving most of the furniture back in – we decided we would hang the new curtains, the replacements for those blue ones.

So we hung them and had a celebratory cup of tea. And then took them down again as one of the brackets holding the curtain pole had come loose. I didn’t dare mention ‘developing skills’. The screw hole has been drilled out and filled with a bigger wall plug, the curtains are back up, and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

I had reservations about them when we bought them [they’re black] but I like them now they are up. Quality Control is sulking because she has been napping on the folded curtains, [black curtains with grey furry bits?] but who’s in charge round here?

On a completely different topic – is anyone else suffering from a rash of blog comments in what I assume is Chinese? I reject them as I have a very suspicious nature, but I’d like to know if it’s just me who’s lucky!

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Wil said...

You're not the only one. I had a couple of those Chinese messages as well. Trashcan is where they went.