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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 27 June 2010

Nine down …

only another 91 to do. And three of today’s efforts are real  drawings. Sor100 drawings2t of.

The large one is a continuous line drawing, top right was done without looking at the paper, and the bottom one with my left hand. All drawings of a shell, in case you don’t recognise it …


I quite like the continuous line one – it could be couching with a nice lumpy thread. The less said about the others, the better – but I am assuming the point of telling us to do 100 drawings is to encourage us to work spontaneously, without agonising over the details. At least I hope it is …Top

Lest you think I have been very productive, doing 5 drawings in a day, the shells didn’t take very long – as you may have guessed.

And this is one I made earlier – it’s the paste paper I did the other day, now mounted in a larger homework book.




This is the only one that took much time – although I can’t persuade the camera or the scanner to make a decent picture of it.  Again, inspired by Alisa Golden, who points out in ‘Painted Papers’ that as the paint you use for paste papers is – paste – you can use it to stick things down. Like little bits of coffee stained paper with beachy words written on them. and – although Golden isn’t so mad as to suggest it – sand. I’ve just remembered that I have some tiny shells I could have included – but too late now … Sticking sand onto boring brown paper was just the thing to do on a hot day!


I did also make a book – the bigger homework book mentioned above. But it was almost instantaneous – the cover I made years ago, with collaged scrap paper, gesso and Brusho on card. So a few holes and some pages  and it’s done. I will bind it properly when I know how many pages its going to need. 

I am now ahead of myself with an average of 2.25 drawings per day – but as there will be days when nothing gets done - like next Wednesday when we have to assemble our end of year exhibition - I am sure the average will begin to drop soon. At least by posting about the process I can keep count!

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