'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 28 June 2011


I need flowers. Not as much as I need gin and chocolate, but in the absence of the latter, flowers will have to do.flowers1

Especially as they are today's’ photo challenge.

For once, this effect is not from PFAEC, but a tutorial from ‘The Photographer’s Guide to Photoshop’ a ‘magbook’ I bought in Smith’s without realising that it is written for earlier versions of PS. [So is PFAEC, but I bought that second hand, not from a magazine display, which you expect to be current.] As Babybel has taken to saying ‘bum-bum’.

However, it gave me good practice in extracting an image, and I like the result, especially the reflection.

Why do I need flowers, chocolate and gin?

No real reason, it has just been a day of minor hassles – many of my own making.

The day started reasonably well. We wandered out to Haskins/Hobbycraft to buy:

  1. a growbag so Babybel can transplant her flourishing pumpkin plants on Thursday
  2. a basket for a present for someone who I am not going to name.

The growbag was easy – but of course I can’t go into Hobbycraft and come out with just one thing [paper, card, rug making tools for some experimental rug making – no, I haven’t got time].

I intended to fill the basket with shredded tissue paper, add a selection of small prezzies, wrap it in cellophane and add a ribbon – but I looked at the not very exciting basket and thought it would look nicer with a lining. While I was looking for some lining fabric, a bit of wadding jumped out and told me it was the right size, and I could quilt the lining.

When I'd quilted it, I realised it was too stiff for my usual ‘gather the edges, as long as it’s a bit too big it will fit’, approach to basket lining – I had to tailor it, trim it to size, and hem it properly. I still haven’t sewn it in – nor have I bought the prezzies to go in it.

Note to self: do not decide to make a simple presentation far more complicated than it needs to be.

Then a friend phoned:

Note to self: do not talk on the phone for hours.

Then I looked at last night’s embroidery.

Note to self: do not decide to unpick last night’s mark making just because you don’t like it. ‘It’s only a sample’

Then I looked at the BBC news webpage.

Note to self: do not get addicted to Thornton’s drinking chocolate just before Thornton's decided to close the majority of their shops.

Tomorrow is half a college day – putting up the display for the end of year show, which starts on Thursday night and continues all day Friday and Saturday morning.

And then it’s a summer of sketchbooking, mark making, personal cloths and essay writing.

Can’t wait.

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