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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 8 September 2011

Anything but college work…

image a little knitting – some boot socks for Babybel -







and a little non-college embroidery – for the flap of a new bag.

Of course both of these are essential – Babybel likes handmade socks in her wellies, so after I had finally remembered to measure her feet [5” long, 6” round the instep] I was happy to oblige.

And having:

  1. got some new bigger reading specs
  2. got into the habit of actually taking my mobile with me when I go out [sometimes I even switch it on!]  

I needed a slightly bigger bag. I spotted one I liked the look of on the net and copied was inspired by it. I’m sure it is bad internet etiquette to admit you've knocked off a copy of something you’ve seen – but I’m afraid this will be fairly close to the original  – just in different fabric and with simpler embroidery. And definitely not for sale.

I didn’t even design the embroidery – it is taken from a transfer, at least 40 years old, which I inherited from mum. [No, transfers don’t transfer on to blue fabric, which is why you may be able to see embroidery pencil marks on there.] Working on it gave me a lot of respect for the designer – as I added each of the extras – French knots, fly stitches, detached chain and straight stitches – I realised how much they contributed to the overall design. And I remembered how much I like Dorset feather stitchery.

This afternoon I've been wrestling with the bag lining. I found a bit of hand-dyed silk satin, left over from C&G, in the right shade of pink. I thought hard about using silk satin for a lining but recited my mantra ‘what are you keeping it for?’ and cut into it.

And remembered who it has been hanging around since I finished C&G – if you have never tried to cut or sew silk satin – you haven’t lived. It is a  b****r. Talk about slippery! Pin, tack in your smallest tacking,and it will still fight back.

I will resume the fight tomorrow….

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