'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 2 October 2011

Despite the excitement …

of making decisions about PCs – nothing in that line has been done today.image

This is why. 

Granny and Granddad were trusted to look after the very hungry caterpillar and his big sister. [Believe me, the nickname is well earned.]

After his mum and dad, not forgetting the dog, came back from their bike ride, we had a lovely, leisurely lunch in the garden while the caterpillar slept and Babybel caught up with an old friend.









We had a great time, and hope they did too.

I had managed to do a bit of creative stuff yesterday.  The tubes at the top are destined to be imagea work in progress for some time – possibly up to the degree show [gosh, that sounds scary].

Inspired by Bonnie Epstein's use of found paper, I’ve decided to make tubes from all the envelopes that come through the door. This is 3 days worth, so it could end up quite long – it is already surprisingly heavy. Wensleydale christened it ‘The Postage of Time’ which I though was very clever of him.

The lower lot are also a work in progress, but one likely to be finished rather quicker. I’ve named it ‘The Country Gardener’ because that is what it is made out of – plus a little Brusho and some glue stick – which keeps coming unglued. I want to use this one to explore different methods of fastening the tubes together.

All in all, a good weekend – we just won’t mention last night’s insomnia.


Kitty said...

you are going to use all the envelopes that come through your front door? Very tempted to send you something in a lime green envelope....

Cda00uk said...

Only if you send me a pink one as well...