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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Here and there…

is where I’ve been this week.image

Some theres have been better than others.

The highlight was a visit with our own little lambs to the local agricultural college’s lambing weekend, where a good time was had by all. 



image With the possible exception of the ewes.

‘First you give birth to them and then they walk all over you’.

There were also horses, which of course Babybel loved, and cows, though we didn’t get round to them. All well organised and well worth a fiver a head.




In between all the other theres, I’ve made a few more samples – this time of distressing techniques – if you know what I mean. Liming wax at the top, sandpaper, PG tips and bleach left to right across the middle,and beeswax at the bottom. All good in their way, but the beeswax was difficult to get even – anyone know a better way than heating it up and painting it on with a brush?






And I had a go at the tube picture frame which seems to be all over the net – this is my brown paper and corrugated card version. It’s a definite ‘maybe’ but in the process I may have discovered the answer to my glue prayers – Power Pritt – if only it wasn’t so !”£%$£^%£!$3 expensive. It stuck instantly – we will see if it stays stuck after it dries out.



The samples box is looking a little full. image Maybe it’s time to stop sampling, pick on one of the half formed ideas I have wandering round my head, and actually try making something…

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Purple Missus said...

Hi Celia
Beeswax - you still need to heat it up and brush it on but have you tried levelling the wax out with a blowtorch/heat gun after you have applied it.
It works on flat surfaces but am not sure about your tubes.
Just an idea from a complete novice at encaustic work. :)