'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 19 January 2012

I am officially fed up -

fed up with this cold

fed up with blowing my nose – I’ve emptied at last 4 boxes of issues over the last 11 days

fed up with the cough which kept me awake most of last night, despite the Lemsip, Benelin [sp?] and Vick

fed up with feeling as though my head and ears are full of cotton wool

fed up with the headache

and fed up with not being to taste or smell anything. Apart from oranges. Riverford’s organic oranges have been the one bright spot – well, W. as well, of course.

At least the sore throat’s gone. The cold is not anywhere near as bad as the  chest infection from hell, but I slept through most of that – sort of. I’m awake enough to appreciate this one in it’s full glory – and if W. is anything to go by, I’ve got at least another week to go.


I did manage to stagger into college yesterday morning, to get the details of the final 2 modules [‘Stitched Samples’ and ‘Final Body of Work’], plus the module I’d missed [‘Sketchbooks’].

I think the overall reaction was ‘Is that it?’ – more of the same, only more focussed. However it did motivate me to think about getting started –as you may have noticed, I've had rather a long hiatus. I was intending to start sampling tubes today, but I was so tired after a really c****y night last night that it didn’t happen.

However, I did manage to add a couple of envelopes to POimageT, photograph everything, and make a sketchbook and a work book Nothing can start till I have the right book. The usual recycled Amazon mailers – quick, easy, and fairly strong.

[I thought I’d already made some, but can’t find them – that cottonwool-head effect again.]



I also made another bib. I had only intended to make two, but last night I stumbled oimagen this pattern which I think looks great for little boys. [OK, that’s sexist – it would probably look equally great on little girls.]

It was very quick to do, even after I’d adapted it slightly as I wasn’t convinced about my ability to add poppers that wouldn’t come off. We’ll have to see which one the VHC and his mummy prefer tomorrow.

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