'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 5 January 2012

What’s been happening around here?

Not a lot. New Year passed quietly, although we enjoyed the neighbours’ fireworks from our bedroom window. No progress has been made on the too-small-to-see canvas work – or much else for that matter. I even had to unpick several rows of my ‘Killing’ sweater, when I realised that the ball of wool I was using was a different shade of natural [not red] to the rest of the sweater. Fortunately I have another ball, and I will be knitting quickly to get to the end before it runs out. [Wish I was as skinny as Sofie Grabol, then I wouldn’t need nearly as much wool…]

We have been to the theatre with Babybel and Mrs Cheddar to see ‘Wind in the Willows’ – as usual at the Watermill, excellent music and a had working, accomplished cast, but I think it was a little too old for Babybel, who was coming down with a bug anyway. [Like her little brother and her Granddad.] She did enjoy Mr Toad dressed up as a washerwoman though – and a squirrel trying to stuff a very large conker under her seat.

College restarted yesterday – we had an entertaining talk from Maggie Grey and I increased my collection of D4Daisy books [now there’s a surprise]. No new modules to work on, though we did get an outline of what they are – apart from scary…

Thursday is, of course, photography day. We’ve had a couple of very windy days, and this necessitated a series of ‘interventions’.

‘Plastic’ had fallen down again, so has been provided with a stronger string and rehung …

P1030233 CG1, which continues to disintegrate nicely, was getting friendly with a branch …


And P&P were getting friendly with each other [I don’t seem to have taken a colour photo for some reason].

P1030257All  were restored to what passes for normality at Cheese Acres.

POT weighed in at a healthy 2.3 metres and 1.3 kilos…image


and I started a new weekly series of photos, but not of a new piece, just my cherry tree. [Long term readers will know that I am rather fond of my cherry tree.]

Some bloggers seem to have flowers on theirs already, but mine, as you can see, is bare. Watch this space.



As we got Modules 10 & 12 back at college on Wednesday, I decided to ‘put them away’ – i.e. stick most of the bits in the heap on, under and around the spare room bed and hope no one comes to stay. However this led on to some semi-advanced tidying, so the bins are now full and, as W. said, you can see my workroom floor. My plans for throwing some paint around - in the interests of doing something other than draw tubes in my sketchbooks  - went for naught. Maybe tomorrow…

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