'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 7 April 2012

I'm sorry

that my posts seem to be getting further and further apart. We have been fairly busy with outings - ['The Gruffalo' and 'Henry V' in one week - how's that for cultural diversity!] - and I have been tackling college work - but mostly it is down to fear of iPhoto. I tried copying all my photos from iP to Picasa - but, first, it didn't copy them all, and second it took all the names off the folders. Picasa is now being difficult about transferring the rest, so I think I will just have to learn how to use iP - or fire up Photoshop and use that.

This is one new piece, 'Foil',  a work in progress. My first idea was to use recycled foil to make some more dipyramids, not for ritual sacrifice this time, but to hang from trees. However after I'd decided to use my collection of wine box linings for the tubes, I realised that unless I cut them very small, I only had enough to make about 3 dipyramids - not very impressive. And although Wensleydale is doing his best to empty another box for me, I would need three or six per dipyramid and couldn't expect him to sacrifice his liver to my art.

Plus I thought the dipyramids might look a bit too Christmassy.

Gluing foil is one of the stickiest experiences I have ever had. I used Pritt All Purpose glue. It works - but it's better at sticking you to the foil than the foil to itself - make 3 and go for a wash.

So, Plan B. One of the reasons for making foil pieces was because foil litter is so attention grabbing - so why not just chuck the tubes on the ground  like crisp packets? As I thought they needed to be even more eye-catching, I added some chocolate foil to the tubes - it seemed appropriate, the two most common types of litter being drink related and food/snack related. Lest you think I eat a lot of chocolate [I wish], these have been collected over several Christmasses.

I haven't left this outside, it is just too littery.

This is 'Saga' - pages from holiday brochures, rolled, glued and sanded. The dribbles in the photo are Puff paint and embossing powder in rune-like patterns. Unfortunately after I'd puffed it I decided I didn't like it, so they had to be sanded again. They are now soaking in coffee to make them look even cruddier.

And I've made a start on the business plan. If you know nothing about something - Google it - and then you will end up with far too much information. I mind mapped some of the information, making myself even more confused in the process - and ended up writing the thing mostly from a template on a UK government website for small businesses - and the BBC's site for GCSE Business Studies students.

The business plan still needs some work, but it was so boring I really can't face it again until after Easter - I hope I never have to do one for real!

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