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Friday 29 June 2012

In print!

For the first - and probably last - time, I am in print, together with my fellow students. We appear on pages 40 - 43 of the current edition of 'Workbox' magazine. Ignore my deathless prose, I can do better, but the photos look good - and you can admire my colleagues' words and pictures. There are also details of the show, should you wish to attend.

The downside of it all is that we had our last ever class on Wednesday - a combination of chocolate, stress, and some tears. But we are planning on staying together as a group - and will be showing at the Graduate Showcase at ICHF at the NEC in March. Scary!

I am in an advanced state of panic, as I won't be setting up for the show till Wednesday afternoon (not my choice) and I am convinced that what can go wrong, will go wrong. I'm on top of the work, apart from some last-minute mind changes about books of photographs (photo corners appear to be an endangered species) and Moo cards (expensive but cute), but I think we have all got to the stage where we all want it to be over.

So it has been a relief to turn to apps. Today's is a little more expensive than ArtCamera - and a whole lot better. It's called PhotoArtista Oil - no relation to my sewing machine - and it's one of a series of covetable apps from Jixipix.

I can't now remember which filters I used for the samples: there are three ranges, 'Oil', 'Impressionism' and 'Abstract' (which isn't very). Each can be adjusted, and you can also change the edge of the image, as in the camellia.



This app is relatively expensive, but I love it! Dedicated i-thingy users will know that the prices can godown as well as up, so it's worth setting up a wish list on an app like AppShopper and waiting...





The other drawback is that, for my high-resolution images, it works s-l-o-w-l-y, but the results are worth waiting for.


I've decided to stop awarding INTUTS -they confuse me, so they probably confuse you too. But PhotoArtista Oil is relatively straightforward to use and is strongly recommended if you want to add a painterly quality to your photos.

Be warned that there will probably be even more photography on this blog come September - I have signed up for BTEC Photography at college next term. Well, I had to do something- and I decide it was time to learn how to do my camera justice...


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Sandy said...

Hi Celia,
I really wanted to come to your show, but my Mother in Law has fallen and fractured a part of her pelvis. So we are heading up to York on Tues for a bit.
I am teaching on Monday, have 3 teaching sessions left.(yes, I am counting) Loads of marking and panic amongst students who are trying to complete and then being sent off here and there for work.
So, I may have to hang on a bit longer for marking work submitted on the last date.

The EV was coming the 11th July, but the torch is going past that centre! So, the roads are closed. But she managed to swap with another college, so it is the 12th now.

Anyway, all the best. Say hi to Sue. and I plan to be at the NEC in the Spring, so I may still see it all!
Take care,