'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 18 September 2012

If it's Tuesday...

it must be a trip. Today we went to see the Nora Fok exhibition at Walford Mill. 

Words fail me. Well, not quite. Magical. Fabulous (in its original meaning). Amazing. Beautiful. Inspiring. Amusing (especially the fruit and eg and the insects). That's just for starters. Photographs are allowed, for a donation, and I took lots, but there are far better ones here, (plus instructions to make your own) and here.

Apart from the stunning work, which unlike much art to wear is both art and wearable, I appreciated the information about where Fok's inspiration came from, and how herideas were developed. And  of course I love the way she uses simple materials and basic tools to make such dramatic, ethereal, stunning pieces. I'm just sorry that they have sold out of the special pieces she made for the exhibition, as I can't quite afford the others. :>(

On a more mundane topic, I've written before about the cafe at Walford Mill. It now has new management and is even better - more imaginative food. Like baked Camembert with olives, onion chutney and warm bread for two to share. Mmmm.

And on a completely different topic, you may have noticed that there have been no apped photos for a while. I got bored with faffing around with the same photos all the time, so I have abandoned that idea. Instead I have started yet another blog, with the aim of posting at least one photo, preferably apped,  a day. There's not much on it yet but if you are interested you can find it here.

And finally... I don't think I mentioned that we eventually got our degree results. As it's a Foundation Degree, we don't get conventional degree results, but I got a Pass with Distinction, so I am feeling quietly pleased with myself! 

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Sandy said...

well sure! I knew you were Distinctive!